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What is the Now Profile character assessment tool?

Now Profile is a straightforward, scientifically proven character assessment tool that your job applicants and existing employees complete online. The questionnaire contains 36 personal preference statements, each with two possible responses – people simply state which one they agree with most. Based on the responses, a character profile is created that provides incredible insight into the individual’s personal psychology.

How do I know the tool is trustworthy?

Our character analysis tool was initially designed by a team of behavioural psychologists in 2006 and has been fine-tuned over the years. It is based on the exhaustive research of the world famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, and the subsequent work of Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers and others.

How does the tool arrange people into types?

By nature, we all have different ways of thinking, acting and behaving – it’s what makes us who we are. Now Profile enables you to understand and appreciate these natural differences by arranging them into four key areas. How you relate to and deal with others If you get your energy from people, places and things = Extrovert (E) If you get your energy from having time alone to think = Introvert (I)

How you use/process information
If you prefer facts, clarity and working with the known = Sensing (S)
If you like abstract ideas and are comfortable with uncertainty = Intuition (N)

How you make decisions
If you logical and analytical = Thinking (T)
If you are guided by values and relationships = Feeling (F)

How you like to organise your life and work
If you like structure and things going to plan = Judging
If you prefer to go with the flow and keep your options open = Perceiving

People instinctively lean towards one end of each of these four areas, giving us sixteen possible psychological profiles, for example ESTF, INFP, ENFP or ISTJ. Now Profile simply and quickly works out at which end of the each of the scales people naturally sit.

With Now Profile, instead of ISFJ or ESFJ, our types are given names such as Guardian and Organiser. Not only are these names much friendlier – they also give us a more immediate idea of someone’s overall leaning.

Why use Now Profile with candidates?

Making a wrong hire is expensive and time consuming. HR and line managers can be tempted or feel pressured to make quick hiring decisions without having enough time to really get to know the person they’ll be spending a lot of time with.

Character assessments give you far greater insight in to a candidate than their CV or application alone. They are a great starting point for a conversation and they help you ask the right questions during the interview process. You’ll make better hires, your teams will be happier and you’ll reduce staff turnover.

The Now Profile platform allows you to send every candidate the questionnaire which they complete on their laptop, tablet or phone. Their individual report provides a deep, rich and nuanced insight into the person as a whole, which gives you a real head start in the recruitment and on-boarding process.

With each completed questionnaire, the platform automatically generates a set of bespoke interview questions for your candidate’s individual personality type. Not only does this save time during the recruiting process, it also means you’ll have no surprises about a candidate’s cognitive and working style later down the line!

Truly effective selection and on-boarding guarantees your business improved job performance, happier teams and enhanced employee engagement. All of which is proven to deliver better company results.

Why use Now Profile with existing staff?

At Now Profile, we want everyone to be happy, effective and fulfilled at work. We’re just nice like that. Most of us spend more time at work than anything else. Our sense of wellbeing is often linked to how well it’s going at work. A bad day in the office can leave us stressed and miserable while a good one makes us want to go back for more.

Interpersonal relationships play a crucial role in all this and the way we interact with others all depends on our personal preferences. Because our cognitive style and character traits are hard wired in us, we often find it really difficult to understand other people’s equally inherent preferences. Tension and conflict can arise when mutual understanding breaks down.

By asking your people to complete the questionnaire, you will have unprecedented insight into what makes them tick. You can use this insight to maximise team collaboration, co-operation and cohesion.

With our tips on working with each personality type and our expert advice on how to manage the differences between each type, you’ll have everything you need to transform your workplace for good.

There are plenty of psychometric tests out there – why should I use Now Profile?

Now Profile offers much more than psychometric testing. It’s an entire SaaS platform that enables you to enhance not just your hiring capabilities but also your business performance.

The recruitment process is made easier by the platform’s bespoke interview questions that help you really get to know your prospective employees. Existing teams will also benefit as you can use the insight to help you with appraisals, team building exercises, leadership development, avoiding/resolving conflict, change management and much more.

With our tips on working with each personality type and our expert advice on how to manage the differences between each type, you’ll have everything you need to transform your workplace for good.

Now Profile is easy to use and very cost effective with packages starting from just £24.99 per month. Added to that, the simplicity of the platform means that there is very little training needed: you’ll be up and running in no time.

Isn’t it a bit simplistic to label people in this way?

Now Profile doesn’t attempt to force round pegs into square holes. It recognizes that not all Guardians, for example, will be identical. Within each character type, there will be various differences – some subtle, some more pronounced. This is because the inclination to one end of each scale depends on the individual. People can be strongly inclined towards a preference or moderately inclined: we call these ‘dominant’ and ‘borderline’ preferences.

Are you trying to change people or make them act differently?

Not at all. There’s the old saying ‘treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself’ but that can actually create problems because it assumes we’re all the same. What Now Profile aims to do is increase understanding between people and, subsequently, increase empathy between people. It’s about helping people see things from other people’s point of view.

Occasionally, one way to promote empathy is to encourage people to stretch themselves and act out of character – they can then see what it’s like to be in others people’s shoes. This is a great way to improve mutual understanding, build bridges and create team harmony.

Most people find operating at the opposite end of a scale quite difficult – it’s a bit like asking a right handed person to use their left hand. But nothing is impossible. With patience, attention and practice, people can become more comfortable acting out of their comfort zone. And it’s only when we push ourselves that we learn and grow.

Can someone fail or fake the Now Profile questionnaire?

The questionnaire is not a test that people pass or fail. There are no right or wrong answers and no personality type is better than another. It’s more about getting a really rounded picture of people’s cognitive style so that they and their colleagues are best placed to work well together.

Will the same person always get the same result?

The two main criteria against which tests are measured are ‘validity’ and ‘reliability’. ‘Test/re-test validity’ and ‘reliability over time’ mean that each time an individual takes the test it should come up with the same results.

Now Profile is robust, valid and reliable and so it’s unlikely that a profile would change on a whim. On rare occasions where there is a change, we suggest that the first attempt was the most accurate.

On occasions, results can vary, but generally only if the preferences were marginal to begin with. Also, if you took the test again after a ten year gap, you might find that you’ve become, for example, a little more introverted: a subtle difference that could change your overall personality type.

Are psychometric tests ethical in the recruitment process?

Now Profile isn’t about putting people in a box or suggesting that one personality type is better than another. Nor is it designed to provide an excuse to decline job applicants on the basis of their personal preferences. No one ever should make hiring decisions on the basis of psychometric testing alone, any more than you’d hire someone just from looking their CV.

Recruitment is a people business. Now Profile provides an in-depth, rigorous and nuanced assessment of each individual which means recruiters have a greater chance of getting the recruitment decision right – and that’s good for everyone involved.

Anyone who makes a hiring decision based on psychometric data alone would be limiting their scope.

Are personality type questionnaires ethical in the workplace?

Now Profile is underpinned by the ethos of wanting to help people thrive in their careers. We believe that an in-depth understanding of the self and others is one of the best ways to create an empathetic, happy and productive work environment.

Individual self-awareness and the ability to appreciate the benefits that different personality types bring to a team is crucial. By understanding the differences, we can identify potential areas of conflict and then create effective strategies to avoid these.

The Now Profile tool is not designed for use in disciplinary decision making.

How does the Now Profile software platform work?

I’ll need help with this one – if someone (PPP?) can provide me with basic tech details, I can wordsmith it.

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