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What’s it all about?

Now Profile is the character profiling platform that enables you to recruit the right talent and get the very best out of your teams. Good for your people, good for your business.

At the heart of Now Profile is a straightforward, yet scientifically proven, character assessment tool that your job applicants and existing employees complete online. The questionnaire contains 36 personal preference statements, each with two possible responses. People simply state which one they agree with most.

Based on your responses, a character profile is created that provides incredible insight into your personal psychology. Do you love being around others or do you need time alone to get your thoughts together? Do you prefer facts or abstract ideas? Do you thrive on uncertainty or do you need a structure to do your best work?

By nature, we all have different ways of thinking, acting and behaving – it’s what makes us who we are. Now Profile enables you to understand and appreciate these natural differences by arranging them into four key areas.

  • How you relate to and deal with other people
    Extrovert or Introvert (E/I)
  • How you process and use information
    Sensing or Intuition (S/N)
  • How you make decisions
    Thinking or Feeling (T/F)
  • How you like to organise your life and work
    Judging or Perceiving (J/P)

People instinctively lean towards one end of each of these four, giving us sixteen possible psychological profiles. NowProfile works out at which end of the each of the scales people most naturally sit

NowProfile isn’t about putting people in a box or suggesting that one personality type is better than another. Nor is it designed to provide an excuse to decline job applicants on the basis of their personal preferences. But it’s only by putting people in boxes that we can begin to understand them and then take then out of the box! The box is the starting point, not the end point.

Very simply, NowProfile is about understanding different natures at work. It’s about playing to people’s strengths and appreciating their likes and dislikes. It’s about enabling people to work together beautifully to fuel business success. Good for your people, good for your business.

Tailor-made talent

Making a wrong hire is expensive, time consuming and, let’s face it, painful for everyone involved. Now Profile helps you get it right first time. The platform allows you to send every candidate the questionnaire which they complete on their laptop, tablet or phone. Their individual report gives a deeper, richer and far more nuanced insight into the person than any CV or application form can do.

And that’s not all. With each completed questionnaire, the platform automatically generates a set of bespoke interview questions for your candidate’s individual personality type. Not only does this save time during the recruiting process, it also means you’ll have no surprises about a candidate’s cognitive and working style later down the line!

Let NowProfile take care of it for you.

Truly effective selection and on-boarding guarantees your business improved job performance, happier teams and enhanced employee engagement. All of which is proven to deliver better company results. Good for your people, good for your business.

As we adjust to new ways of working, this information will be even more important – virtual interviews, on-boarding and increased remote working mean you don’t have the luxury of getting to know new staff in real life. With Now Profile, you have all the insight you need to design highly effective interviews and support your people, wherever they are.

Tailor-made teams

Knowledge is power! Free your workplace from the unnecessary and unintentional tension that can arise from type-related differences. Use the unique insight provided by our character analysis to maximise team collaboration, co-operation and cohesion. Help your people work beautifully together and see your business thrive.

Most of us spend more time at work than anything else. Our general happiness and sense of wellbeing is often linked to how well it’s going at work. A bad day in the office can leave us stressed and miserable while a good one makes us want to go back for more.

Interpersonal relationships play a crucial role in all of this and the way we interact with others all depends on our personal preferences. Because our cognitive style and character traits are so hard wired in us, we often find it really difficult to understand other people’s equally inherent preferences.

Individual self-awareness and the ability to appreciate the benefits that different personality types bring to a team is crucial here. By understanding the differences, we can identify potential areas of conflict and then create effective strategies to avoid these.

So why not ask all your employees to take the test? We guarantee they’ll find it fascinating, enlightening and, occasionally, slightly unnerving in its accuracy and insight. Understanding your people’s individual psychology can make the difference between a highly functional team and a highly dysfunctional one. For example, how might a Craftsman work with an Advocate? Where might a Chief clash with an Artist? What are the challenges and benefits of them working together?

With our tips on working with each personality type and our expert advice on how to manage the differences between each type, you’ll have everything you need to transform your workplace for good.

The insight generated by the NowProfile platform can be used in so many ways making it a simple, hardworking and cost effective tool for recruiters and managers alike. Use Now Profile to help you with: on-boarding new recruits, appraisals, team building exercises, leadership development, avoiding/resolving conflict, change management and much more.
Welcome to Now Profile. Good for your people, good for your business.